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3rd Edition of

International Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

Health information technology (HIT) is the application of technology to health and health care, particularly information technology. It facilitates the secure communication of health information between consumers, providers, payers, and quality monitors, as well as the management of health data across computerised systems. The importance of health IT now stems from a mix of evolving technology and shifting government policies that have an impact on patient care quality. Hospitals implemented electronic health record (EHR) systems, which gave modern health IT a boost. Healthcare information systems that are automated and interoperable will continue to improve medical care and public health, while also lowering costs, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and improving patient satisfaction, as well as optimising reimbursement for ambulatory and inpatient healthcare providers.

  • Digital Healthcare
  • E-Health & M-Health
  • MedTech industry

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