HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.

4th Edition of

International Public Health Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Testimonials / Reviews

Nursing World Conference 2018 | Rome, Italy
Nursing World Conference 2016 | Dubai
Magnus Group Conferences Reveiws
Public Health Conference

Thank you very much for your wonderful management and co-operation.
It was agreat oppurtunity during which I could understand different concepts in public health that we can use  it as a guide for better researches and strategies formulation.

Kenneth R Pelletier University of California, United States
Public Health Conferences

I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and really enjoyed moderating. I would love to be part of the 3rd Edition in 2024

Heather Olivier University of New Orleans, United States
Public Health Conference

Thanks a lot. It was pleasure working with you and your team at IPHC 2023 conference

Kehinde Eniola Cone Health Family Medicine Residency Program, United States
Public Health Events

Thank you IPHC 2023. It was a beautiful conference.

Michaels Aibangbee  Western Sydney University, Australia
Public Health Conferences

The NWC was a great experience and did get a lot out of it.

Sandra Almeida Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand
Public Health Conferences

I wish to thank you heartily for all you helped me with the conference. I enjoyed the conference so much.

Li Yin Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Public Health Conference

The conference was organized very well.  I very much appreciated the fact that speakers were kept on time.  I enjoyed the sessions.

Londia L. Goff West Virginia University Hospitals, USA
Public Health Conferences

I am happy to be able to present my study at the conference.  I did learn valuable knowledge from other participants & speakers at the conference which inspire my future research and also valuable for quality management in my institution.

Azizah Ahmad Fauzi Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Public Health Conferences

I did thoroughly enjoy the Conference. It was a refreshing and inspiring meeting for me to hear about so much Nursing research being done

Cynthia Pantel Health Science Centre Winnipeg , USA
Public Health Events

Thank you for organizing the conference and I pretty much enjoyed attending the conference and interacting with other participants.

Cecilia Cheng The University of Hong Kong
Public Health Events

First of all, I would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in a great conference.

Duanghathai Saipinta Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Public Health Conference

Thank you very much for the conference. It was very beautiful. I learned alot and made new friends. Thank you very much for the opportunity and video.

Wijittra Prasatkaew Thailand
Public Health Conferences

It was a pleasure to participate in “2nd Edition of International Public Health Conference” (IPHC 2023). I look forward attending IPHC 2024 since the experience in this session was very informative and thrilling.

Natalia Canto Sancho University of Alicante, Spain
Public Health Conference

Thank you very much for your kind consideration and help on my presentation. I wish you all the best and good success for the future.

Wen Hao Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
Public Health Conferences

Thank you so much for organising a wonderful event.

Preeti Khanna University of Delhi, India
Public Health Conferences

Thank you!! I really enjoyed presenting and it looks like my presentation impacted people- thank you for a great time-slot.

Natalia Cineas Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, USA
Public Health Conferences

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to present in NWC conference on 2019 at London. The conference was well organised. Congratulations and best wishes for the future endeavours.

Sathiyalatha Sarathi Sree Balaji College of Nursing, India
Public Health Conference

This was very informative and educational conference, I enjoyed it very much.

Naomi Saucedo Tanouye Kaiser Hospital, USA
Public Health Conferences

Thank you very much indeed for giving us opportunity to be active part of NWC in London last week. We meet many friends and colleagues from other countries and share with them a lot of experiences, challenges and success of our nursing. For us it was indeed a unique experience and we really believe in our next cooperation. Thank you very much and looking forward to be part of other Nursing activities worldwide.

Irena Laska and Blerina Duka Albanian Order of Nurses, Albania
Public Health Conferences

I did enjoy meeting so many people from different countries with great ideas

Anne-Maria Olphert Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, UK
Public Health Conference

The Conference was really nice! I appreciated.

Aretuza Cruz Vieira Albert Einstein Hospital, Brazil
Public Health Conference

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed your conference!

Emily Cannon Indiana State University, USA
Public Health Conferences

It was a good conference. I am most definitely looking forward to the next conference in Florida!

Angela Cruz West Texas Veteran Affairs Healthcare System, USA
Public Health Conferences

It was an excellent conference and I am  honored to have been a part of it. One of the best I have been to.

Renee Bauer Indiana State University, USA
Public Health Conference

The 2016 went very well and hope to see more attendees next year in Las Vegas, USA. Food was great, nutritious and abundant including the pre-conference dinner. Thanks for the invite. Official and unofficial cameras were plenty.

Rose E. Constantino University of Pittsburgh, USA
Public Health Conference

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and am looking to forward those in the future.

Dennis L. Hargis State College of Florida, Bradenton, FL, USA
Public Health Conferences

The conference was simple fantastic.  The topics, speakers, and especially the sharing with nurses and healthcare workers from around the world. 

Mary Nielsen Missoula College University of Montana, USA
Public Health Conferences

The London conference was great. I enjoyed being a part of the great event.

Patricia A. Seabrooks Miami Regional University, USA
Public Health Conferences

Indeed, it’s a great privilege to be able to participate this prestigious conference. I’ve learned a lot of different aspect of  world healthcare. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Elvessa Narvasa Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses Montreal, Canada
Public Health Conference

I was pleased to be in Dubai to present my research and I appreciate being invited to the Nursing World Conference 2016. The atmosphere was permissive and friendly. It will be my pleaser to continue to be engaged with the NWC 2017.

Vedrana Vejzovic Malmo University, Sweden