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3rd Edition of

International Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Risk Assesement, Preparedness Response and Recovery

Risk Assesement, Preparedness Response and Recovery

The methodologies used to identify, mitigate, and prevent risks in healthcare are referred to as healthcare risk management. The clinical and administrative systems, processes, and reports used to detect, monitor, analyse, reduce, and prevent hazards are referred to as risk management in healthcare. Risk management allows health care organisations to ensure patient safety in a proactive and methodical manner.

Actions conducted ahead of time are referred to as prevention. Mitigation is a term used to describe this process.

Preparedness is making arrangements, developing and testing plans, training, educating, and disseminating information in order to better prepare communities in the case of an emergency.

Response- During or immediately after an emergency, support and intervention are provided. The emphasis is on saving lives and safeguarding community assets (buildings, roads, animals, crops, infrastructure). Hours, days, and weeks are the most common units of measurement.

Recovery- the coordinated process of assisting disaster-affected communities with physical infrastructure repair and emotional, social, economic, and physical well-being restoration. Months and/or years are the most common units of measurement.

  • Disaster management
  • Emergency management

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