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3rd Edition of

International Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Aging and Public Health

Aging and Public Health

Aging is a natural process that begins in early adulthood and continues throughout life. Many bodily functions begin to deteriorate in early middle age. People do not reach a certain age when they become old or elderly. Changes in dynamic biological, psychological, physiological, environmental, behavioural, and social processes are all linked to ageing.

The ageing population puts more strain on the public health system, as well as medical and social services. Chronic diseases, which disproportionately impact older people, contribute to disability, lowered quality of life, and higher health- and long-term-care expenses.

Aging and Public Health session strives to improve the health and quality of life of older adults by advancing the scientific basis of knowledge and action.

  • Age related disorders
  • Elderly people and public health
  • Dementia

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