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3rd Edition of

International Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Women, Adolscent and Children

Women, Adolscent and Children

Today, we have both the knowledge and the opportunity to halt preventable deaths among all women, children, and adolescents, to significantly enhance their health and well-being, and to effect the transformational change required to design a more prosperous and sustainable future. However, too many women, children, and adolescents around the world still lack access to basic, good-quality health and education, as well as clean air and water, proper sanitation, and adequate nutrition. They are subjected to violence and discrimination and are unable to fully participate in society, and suffer additional barriers to realizing their human rights. People are ill and disabled, as a result they fail to attain their full potential, resulting in huge losses and costs for countries today and for the future generations. Ending abject poverty, promoting development, and building resilience all are essential for the survival, health, and well-being of women, children, and adolescents.

  • Women’s Health Issues and Challenges
  • Neonatal mortality
  • Maternal mortality
  • Poverty and maternal health
  • Early child development improvement strategies

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