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3rd Edition of International

Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

IPHC 2022

Khaled Ali Abu Ali

Speaker at Public Health Conference 2022 - Khaled Ali Abu Ali
University College of Science and Technology, State of Palestine
Title : Impact of COVID 19 on Health Care Delivery in the Palestinian Southern Governorates


Background the Palestinian health system in Gaza Strip has become undermined due to ongoing blockade, conflicts and COVID-19 pandemic, these situations lead to shortages in health care delivery.

Aim the study aimed to assess the impact of COVID-19 crisis on delivery of essential health services. Methods in August 2021, a double paradigm approach were used to collect a convenient sample of routine data from 83 health facilities and 40 In-Depth Interviews were conducted with key informants and beneficiaries.

Results all of the hospitals and UNRWA (Primary Health Care) (PHC) centers were fully functioning while 87.2% of governmental PHC centers, personal protective equipment were available and sufficient, electricity was available at working times, hospital`s equipment were not damaged at UNRWA centers while 77% and 60% were partially damaged in the hospitals and governmental centers, 69% of the hospitals complained from staff shortages, 58% in the governmental centers while UNRWA added surge staff, COVID-19 care provided to 25.7% of cases among 56,069 screened case at all health facilities and drugs sufficient rate was 75.6%, 67.75%, 100% at hospitals, governmental centers and  UNRWA respectively. 30 % of key informants reported negative impact about health system while 50% among beneficiaries, 75% described the response was proactive and rapid, cancelling of elective surgeries, cessation of antenatal services, closure of out-patient departments postponing of immunization and closure of departments reported as the most prominent bad effects.

Conclusion the researcher concluded that hospitals and governmental sector affected more than UNRWA, shortage of essential services and drugs is reported; the health system recommended to develop policies to optimize pandemic preparedness.


Dr. Khaled Abu Ali, studied nursing at Palestine college of nursing in 2004. He has doctor of public health from Alexandria university, Egypt. He is working as Assistant Professor in the University College of Science and Technology, he had worked in the ministry of health for 15 years as Epidemiologist and consultant to the WHO Health cluster in 2018-2019, he reviewed as journal`s reviewer and academic editor more than 120 manuscript and published more than 12 article; he is interested in public health, epidemiology, nursing and health administration researches and