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3rd Edition of International

Public Health Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

IPHC 2024

M M Bagali

Speaker at Public Health Conference 2024 - M M Bagali
IREU Edtech group of institute, India
Title : Training and skill development of community health workers: A comprehensive model


Community health workers, often known as CHWs, are members of the general public who collaborate with their communities' respective healthcare delivery networks in either a paid or unpaid capacity. CHWs can be found in both urban and rural settings. The majority of CHWs and the persons they assist share similar cultural traits, linguistic abilities, financial backgrounds, and experiences in life. They are sometimes referred to as peer health educators, peer health promoters, outreach educators, community health representatives, or lay health advocates. All of these titles fall under the umbrella term "peer health." CHWs advocate for the needs of both people and the community as a whole, in addition to providing culturally competent health education and information, assisting patients in obtaining the treatment they require, providing informal counselling and advise on healthy practises, and assisting patients in receiving the care they require.CHWs have a unique ability to transmit information to areas of the community where it is most required as a result of the fact that they typically reside inside the community that they serve. The people of the community can be reached wherever they are, even when they are eating, sleeping, playing, working, or worshipping. CHWs play an important role as change agents on the front lines, contributing to the reduction of health disparities in underprivileged areas.


I am pleased to present my work and feel great honour. Dean, Admin, Management Head at various B-Schools, takes on the role and responsibility. The core expertise is expressed in teaching and research in HR and HRM, HRD and Core Management-Leadership analysis. With post-doctoral experience, based in Bangalore, in higher education over 24 years. Worked on 2 doctorates to my credit; 15 doctorates have been awarded under my guidance; 11 M.Phil has been awarded; 150 research papers and famous writings. A Research Journal Representation-Member, Editorial Advisory Committee and University Pan-India PhD thesis Examiner. Honoured to be a 'Group of Research Practitioners,' a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory committee, an opt-in research community of business professionals.” Wish to bring learning-experience to the table and learn from your end. Current role—Teaching, Research, Managing Academic Program; Students development; Connecting with Corporates for learning and Development. I own a Startup- Advanced Research Centre for Human Resources and Higher Education, bridging Industry-Institute interface space and knowledge exchange, focusing on mentoring research work, publications and online HRM and Management teaching !! M M Bagali, Research Project on Training and Skill development of Community health workers, 2022-23, Sponsored Project on Safety promotion, India